Mixed Race Fashion Doll - Darcy Curl

Darcy Curl Dolls

Mixed Race Fashion Doll - Darcy Curl

Darcy Curl is a premium companion doll designed by London based 6year old and her mother.

With body and facial dimensions of an average 7 year old girl, Darcy Curl is based on an inquisitive character who likes to explore the world around her through science.

Darcy Curl is 18 inches (46 cm) tall and hand crafted with a high grade plastic vinyl and half soft cloth body.  Her synthetic hair has been sourced from premium wig makers, giving her high definition curly hair.  

This premium doll comes with a luxury school uniform outfit including a skirt, shirt with bow tie, cardigan, socks, shoes and underwear. She comes with a limited edition carry case so you can take her with you on your adventures.